Create an interactive product guide with animation in Adobe InDesign

Updated: May 12

In this tutorial, learn how to design an interactive product guide with animation for a fictional fitness smartwatch company called Nordic Fitness. Topics covered in this lesson include: setting up the document, creating guides, layout and design of three pages as well as setting up navigation and interactivity.

This will be created on an iPad Pro size document with the intent of publishing online. However, you can choose the size of your choice and even export for EPub (Fixed Layout) to achieve same results.

For this lesson, we'll be creating a colour toggle menu on the smartwatch product, using Object States as well as Buttons and Forms.

Both of those panels can be found under Window > Interactive.

Colour Menu Toggle Setup

  1. In this example, I am using two vector versions of a smartwatch – one is white and the other is a dark blue. Open them in Illustrator, copy and paste them into your InDesign document.

  2. It's important that they are the same size when pasting into InDesign. You will need to stack them on one another before setting up the Multi-State Object.

  3. Re-order the images the way you want them to appear, or how you plan to set up your colour menu toggle. For this case, I have the White watch in front, Blue as the second object.

  4. Open the Object States panel under Window > Interactive > Object States.

  5. With both smartwatch vector images selected, click on the Create Selection into Multi-State Object icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Object States panel.

  6. Rename the Multi-State Object to Smartwatches, which will help you when setting up the colour toggle later on.

  7. Rename the States or drag them into the order you would like as well.

  8. With the Ellipse Frame Tool (Or any shape tool you like) draw out a circle on the page and make the Fill white to represent the watch.

  9. Hold the Alt (Mac) or Option (Windows) key and drag out another copy of the circle. Change the fill to represent the colour of Watch No. 2 – in this case, dark blue.

  10. Next, open the Buttons and Forms Panel, which can be found under Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms.

  11. With the Selection Tool, click on the white circle and in the Buttons and Forms panel, set the Type to Button.

  12. Rename the Button to White (or whatever colour you have set).

  13. Leave the Event as On Release or Tap.

  14. Set the Action to Go To State and in the Object dropdown, select Smartwatches.

  15. Select State 1.