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Learn how to add audio files in an Adobe InDesign interactive layout

Intro animation elements in an interactive layout that appear on page load can really add stunning visual appeal to your composition.

However, in this lesson we're going to take things one step further by syncing an audio effect to the intro for a bigger, bolder intro.

In this tutorial, I will go over how to add an audio file (MP3 format) and set it to play on page load along with a photo slider animation.

Let's get started!

Before jumping into the lesson, it's important to note that this will focus on using the Publish Online tool built into InDesign. Adding sound to an Interactive PDF document may work for some, but not every platform supports Flash — something that is slowly being phased out.

Another thing to note is making sure your sound file is in MP3 format. If you need to convert another sound file to MP3, you can use Adobe Encoder to convert it use a web-based converter by searing something like "WAV to MP3 converter."

Adding Sound

  1. Open the Media window in Adobe InDesign by going to Window > Interactive > Media

  2. In the bottom right hand corner, click the Place Video or Audio File icon

  3. Choose the audio file from your computer and click Open

  4. Your curser will be loaded with the audio file. Either click anywhere on the workspace or click/drag to place the audio on your page.

  5. In the Media window, adjust the preferences of your audio file. For this lesson, have it play on page load

Because the file will play on page load, we don't necessarily need the audio player to appear on the page. In this case, hide it behind an element on the page (such as I did with the B logo) or use a rectangle and match the background colour to hide the player. Keep in mind if the player is not on the actual page, it will not play.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to add an interactive photo slider animation and sync the sound file on page load.

Here is a preview of how it will look on completion!

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