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Use Compound Path to place an image in multiple frames in Adobe InDesign

Placing one image in multiple frames can be tricky when first starting out in Adobe InDesign. Often times, designers will copy and paste images from one frame to another and while that will work, it could become problematic if you want to edit the images.

In this video tutorial, learn how to use the Compound Path feature to convert four small image frames into one and place an image that will fill the entire space.

As always, you can find the lesson material for this tutorial available for download here, so you can also follow along step-by-step.

Make Compound Path

  • In the layout, select all four image frames.

  • With the frames selected, go to Object > Paths > Make Compound Path.

  • Go to File > Place and select the image saved "Fitness_Main.jpg".

  • Click Open.

  • Click the Content Grabber and use the fitting options to fit the image to the frame. You can also use Shift + Option + Command + C to fit the content proportionally. It's Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C for Windows users.

Here's an image slide of the steps explained above:

Follow along in the video to learn how to apply an effect and blend mode to the compound path. Also learn how to release the compound path.

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