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Build an Entire Stationery Set in a Single Adobe InDesign Document

In branding design, having a strong visual identity creates loyalty and trust with consumers.

One way of accomplishing this is through printed brand stationery — a critical component for any company's identity.

Whether it's business cards, letterhead, postcards, company brochures, pens or other trade show marketing materials, stationery sets help create a culture that will leave a lasting impression with your target audience.

In this tutorial, I will take you through steps to create a stationery set in Adobe InDesign. Only, instead of creating different documents for each item (ie: business card, letterhead, etc.), we're going to build the entire set in one layout.

Utilizing the Page Tool to change pages in your document will allow you to have three pages dedicated to A5 postcards, two business cards and an envelope, as seen in the example in this tutorial.

Let's set up your stationery set pages!

Document Setup

  • Create a new document and click on the Print tab at the top of the window. Select the A5 page size, uncheck the Facing Pages, leave margins at 0.5" and set the number of pages to 6. Everything else can be changed once we get going with the Page Tool.

  • Go ahead and click Create.

  • In your Pages panel, you will notice six pages all together, all that are A5 in size. Leave the first three A5 and let's change the others using the Page Tool.

A5 Postcard

  • Click on Page Tool and click on the second page in your document. In the Properties Panel, change the orientation to landscape. The Page Tool also allows you to change the orientation of pages individually.

Business Cards

  • With the Page Tool, click on Page 4 in your document. In the Properties Panel, under the Page Size options, change the dimensions to your requirements or in the drop-down choose U.S. Business Card.

  • Click Margins and Columns and change the margins to 0.125" or set to your desired preference.


  • With the Page Tool, click on the last page in your document, which will become your envelope. In the Properties Panel, you will have to create custom settings to achieve this. Make the width 9.5" and the height 4.125". This is the common size for a stationery envelope.

  • Click on Margins and Columns and set the margins to 0.3125".

Now that your document is set up, you're ready to start designing! In your layers panel, create a layer for every item in your document to make it easier when designing.

Also, you don't have to create Master Pages for every item in order to create guides for each page. Simply double click on the specific page in your Pages Panel, make your way to Layout > Create Guides and set a guide system for your pages. This will help when you're laying out type and graphics.

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