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Challenge complete! 30 days, 30 skateboard designs

When world-renowned designer and founder of the Futur Chris Do put out the #futurpopart challenge last month, I wanted to participate.

I've designed many of things in my life, but never a skateboard. So, I went along for the ride.

The challenge was straighforward — design 30 skateboard decks in 30 days with various subjects to choose from, including comic book characters, hardware, urban graphics, gas stations, car companies, junk food, restaurants, etc.

While the guidelines were simple, coming up with a design each day, especially in the latter stages of the challenge, was not an easy task. Early on, I was inspired by my love for typography, as you can see through a few of the designs. However, as the initiative went on, I enjoyed designing decks using some of my all time favourite logos — FedEx, Jeep, Converse and Coca-Cola, just to name a few.

Another challenge was finding artwork for a lot of my inspirations. Often times, I would have all the elements in place, but didn't like the direction the deck design was going. There were even a few times I would scrap it all together and go another route.

The #futurpopart design initiative pushed me creatively but I was up for the challenge. Sure, it was a lot of work, but when you love what you do, it sure doesn't feel like work.

As an added bonus, my skateboard creations may make the cut in a potential #futurpopart display book Chris Do plans to publish, picking some of the top designs from the project.

Here are a few of my favourites from the design initiative. You can view the complete collection on my Instagram page.

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