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Create an animated digital catalog layout with photo grid in Adobe InDesign

Follow along in this tutorial and learn how to create a digital catalog layout with page load animation and an animated GIF featured image.

In this lesson, we'll also explore a great built-in script that will allow you to create a photo grid to help when laying out the content in the catalog.

As always, you can download the material for this lesson to follow along. You can also download the font used in this lesson here. You always have the option of using a font of your choice as well.

The first step will be applying the Script called Make Grid to convert a single image into a grid. To launch the Scripts window, go to Window > Utilities > Scripts.

Photo Grid Using Make Grid

  • Go to File Place and in the space allotted in the layout, place the luggage_set1.psd image provided in the lesson downloads folder.

  • Once placed on the page, use the keyboard shortcut Option + Command (Mac) or Shift + Ctrl (Windows) and the > symbol to increase the size of the image in the frame.

  • Open the Scripts window and double-click Application, then double-click Samples.

  • Click on the image of the carry-on bags and in the Scripts panel, double-click MakeGrid from the preset Scripts available.

  • In the Rows, set it to 1.

  • In the Columns, set it to 3.

  • Set the Rows and Column gutter to 12pt.

  • Click OK.

You will notice the single image has been created into a grid, allowing you to manoeuvre and edit each frame individually as needed.

Here's a visual slide show that highlight the steps explained above:

Follow along in the video tutorial and learn how to apply page load animation to all six of the luggage pieces as well as place an animated GIF file to the InDesign project.

We'll also take a close look at how to share the project online and view it in a web browser of your choice.

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