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#Futurpopart Design Initiative: Come shred with me!

If you visit any of my social media channels over the next few weeks, be prepared to see skateboards, skateboards and more skateboards.

You're probably wondering, why?

Despite living a hectic life as a self-employed graphic designer, I've decided to jump into the #futurpopart 30-day challenge — an amazing initiative launched by Emmy Award-winning designer Chris Do of The Futur.

The challenge is simple: download the skateboard mock-up and each day throughout the month of June, come up with a design, sharing it on social media while using the hashtag #futurpopart. Some of my design ideas have been spur of the moment, but others required my creative thinking cap to work a little overtime.

Here are a few of my favourites so far.

This is Only a Test

This design was a spur of the moment idea. I was playing around with a few colours and the combination of a few reminded me of the Emergency Broadcast System tests that flash on our television sets, interrupting our favourite shows. I used my favourite sans serif: Avenir and kept the theme pretty simple.

Cobra Kai - No Mercy!

If you haven't watched the new YouTube Red series Cobrai Kai, I strongly recommend it. After a few episodes, I was once again drawn into the Cobra Kai colours (I love black and yellow together) as well as the modern badge logo. The theme of this board is also simple, but it was important for me to work in some classic quotes from the 1984 original movie the Karate Kid.

Coors Banquet Board

There's something about the Coors logo that strikes me. It's so simple and the script typeface with thick strokes helps it stand the test of time and remain memorable. The banquet colour theme is red with cream, but I went with an all-blue board design. I wanted to work in the Rocky Mountains to complete the Coors brewing history. I have to say, I am very pleased with how this one turned out.

If you would like to follow my #futurpopart 30-day journey, visit my Instagram @amontilla81.

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