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How I Built the Winston Watches Identity System

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Every great brand identity project should start with a stylescape.

What is a stylescape? It's a board, designed in the initial stages, made up of patterns, colours, photos, typefaces, messaging — anything you want to convey through your final product and essentially a blueprint in delivering a successful brand identity system.

Winston Watches is a personal project I produced on spec, but gives clients an idea of the work I can put together from the ground up.

The Logo Design

I wanted to design a logo that was simple and classic, yet fit the theme I was going for — Urban Modern. Everyday Casual. This is a brand in which I wanted to cater to the business professionals and the after work crowd all at the same time.

The icon is a crown shaped W, which represents the classic style I was really going for. The name "Winston" has a lot of history in Britain, from former prime minister Winston Churchill to the middle name of Beatles legend John Lennon. It's a name that is memorable, recognizable and fits the theme I was targeting.

The Watch

While I was building the Winston brand, I also wanted to focus on a new line the company recently launched — the Dalton. This is a classic men's watch that has the versatility of wearing to the office, after work with friends and even to formal events.

It comes in two colours — a black with silver face or green with gold. Both styles are visually appealing and enticing for men aged 25-55.

The Packaging

Much like the rest of the Winston branding, the goal with the watch packaging for the Dalton line was to keep it simple and timeless.

The inner packaging is greyish yellow with art deco pattern. The outer cover package is a very dark — almost black — colour with a hint of blue/green.

It's elegant but modern at the same time.

The Rest of the Branding

To complete the project, I also focused on a landing page, a street advertisement a, Winston Watches shopping bag as well as marketing applications such as letterhead and business cards.

Take a look at the rest of the project in this photo gallery:

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