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Learn How to Apply Ignore Text Wrap in Adobe InDesign

One of the most important things to know when applying a Text Wrap in Adobe InDesign is remembering to set the Ignore Text Wrap option to other objects in your layout.

We've all been there before: You're just learning to use InDesign and you've finally perfected the Text Wrap. Only the wrap is interfering with with other text elements in your layout where you don't want it to.

Before you break out the Direct Selection Tool and move around anchor points or use the Remove Anchor Point Tool, there is a much better way — the Ignore Text Wrap option!

In this tutorial, I am going to over the method of placing and adding a text wrap to an image while also adding the Ignore Text Wrap option to a headline.

Text Wrap and Ignore Text Wrap

  1. Place a PSD or PNG image where you want in the copy by going to File > Place or Command or Crtl + D to bring in the photo.

  2. With Selection Tool, click on the frame once and apply a Text Wrap with the Wrap Around Object option selected. Have part of the image coming out of the body text. (Tip: When applying this kind of Text Wrap to an image, in the Contour Options, select either Detect Edges or Alpha Channel.

  3. Use the offset setting in the Text Wrap window to select the desired space around the text.

  4. With the Type Tool, create a text frame and type a title or any text. Move the text frame above the image that has a Text Wrap applied.

  5. With text frame selected, go to Object > Text Frame options and check the Ignore Text Frame box in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialog box.

This isn't the only way of getting around an image or object interfering with other text in a document. Select text and go to Object > Create Outlines. While this is a quick fix, keep in mind this converts to uneditable text.

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