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Learn How to Create Lanyard Name Tags for Events or Conferences in Adobe InDesign

Name tags are commonly used for big events such as trade shows, conferences and large business meetings. These types of events are a fantastic way to show off your brand identity, while also interacting on a personal level with clients when networking.

This is why name tags — often attached to branded lanyards — should have a clean and concise design to help people to consume the information on display in a quick fashion.

Some things that are essential in strong name tag design are brand colours and typography. However, if this is a one-off event and you don't have an identity system in place, explore sans serif typefaces and bold colours for a modern look.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to set up your InDesign document from scratch, but also demonstrate how to utilize the Page Tool to have Portrait and Landscape pages in a single document.

I have set up a document that is 4" X 3", landscape, two pages. We'll use the Page Tool to edit one of those pages to be portrait orientation.

Page Tool

  1. Click on the Page Tool, which is the third tool on your main toolbars, right under the Direct Selection Tool

  2. With the Page Tool selected, click on the page you want to alter.

  3. In the upper left hand corner, you will see your page dimensions in the width and height fields. You can simply swap the numbers around to change the page from landscape to portrait and vice-versa.

  4. In newer versions of InDesign, under the Properties panel, you are also able to alter the dimensions or simply change the orientation by clicking the portrait or landscape icon.

  5. You now have one landscape page and a portrait page within the same document.

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