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Subject-Aware Text Wrap the newest feature in Adobe InDesign 2021

Adobe released its latest version of InDesign recently and with it comes a brand new, game-changing feature.

Text Wrap is nothing new to InDesign — it's been around since the software first launched more than 20 years ago. What is new, however, is the assistance of Adobe Sensei with the all-new Subject Aware Text Wrap.

This time-saving tool eliminates the need to use Photoshop to remove a background, or even use the Detect Edges option in InDesign, which in year's past wasn't as accurate in determining a subject in a photo.

Like other Adobe artificial intelligence tools, nothing is perfect, so try to use this new feature with cleaner backgrounds or photos where the subject is clearly noticeable.

Here are the steps on how to use the new apply the Subject Aware Text Wrap

  1. Place a photo into a layout and in the Text Wrap panel, select Wrap Around an Object Shape.

  2. From there, Adobe InDesign Sensei will determine the subject in the image and automatically set a text wrap.

  3. Make sure that in the Contour Options, you also have chosen Select Subject from the dropdown.

  4. Add the amount of offset required — much like you would in any other Text Wrap.

This is a game-changing feature because it saves time and as designers, we know how valuable things like this can be.

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