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Want To Land More Freelance Jobs? Two Words: Social Media

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge. Producing meaningful blogs, videos and podcasts takes a lot of time, effort and planning.

But what if I said it is one of the best ways of landing freelance jobs?

Over the past few months I've stressed that being active on social media — particularly sharing and showcasing your work on all your platforms — is crucial in reeling in new clients.

Business owners hire those they know and trust. However, building a rapport and relationship with your followers — regardless of the social media channel — is the next best thing.

Here are some social media platform ideas that will help you to build your clientele.


It's amazing how many professional freelancers aren't taking advantage of LinkedIn — arguably the top social media platform to attract potential clients. One of the best features on LinkedIn is the capability to see who has looked at your profile and what business owners may have stumbled across your page through key searches.

LinkedIn is a great way to network with professionals, but also share your work to get noticed by people that just might hire you.

It's important to have a solid profile that shows your work experience, but also have a professionally shot photograph as your main image.


Behance is a networking website for creatives owned by Adobe that allows designers of all genres to showcase their work for the world to see. I tell everyone interested in graphic design, having a Behance page is a must as it becomes your digital portfolio to share with potential clients.

Updating your profile is essential and adding details about your creative background will enhance your chances of landing clients. However, sharing purposeful projects that include high-quality images – preferably in mockup or photography form — increases your chances of getting noticed.

Create a Website

Nothing flashy, but even a Wordpress-built website synced with a unique domain shows you've taken the time to build your own personal brand. All your content — blogs, videos, blogs, etc. — should originate on your website and also shared on ALL your social media platforms.

Having a daily or even weekly blog drives traffic to your website, which in turn may result in business owners reaching out to you.

Your site must be responsive and clearly state who you are, what you do and why you are the person best for the job.


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