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Create Your Own Mother's Day Card in Adobe InDesign

Mother's Day is right around the corner.

Instead of buying a card this year, why not go the extra mile and create your own in #Adobe InDesign?

The assets you'll need to design a card of your own? A stunning image of mom and family (use something that is high res for better reproduction if printing), a nice typeface that conveys the story of your design, a poem or quote to show mom how much you love her, and of course, your creative mind!

In this blog tutorial, I will explain the steps of how you can create your own card on a 4 X 6 document. The orientation — portrait or landscape — is personal preference. However, in this example, I chose landscape.

Follow these steps to create a Mother's Day card.

Here we go!

Creating a 4 x 6 Mother's Day Card

  1. Create a new document, one page, uncheck facing pages, set your margins to 0.25. If you're printing this card, it's not a bad idea to set a bleed of 0.125.

  2. Create three layers — call one Main Photo, the second Graphic and the last Type.

  3. With the Main Photo layer active, create a rectangle frame that covers the entire spread and import your photo by going to File > Place. Position the image to your preference. (Tip: Use negative space in an image to place type over. However, be sure you can read the text)

  4. With your Graphics layer active, create another rectangle frame with a banner-type shape — placed either at the top, bottom or side of your card. This will depend on your image and where the side banner for your message will work best. (Optional: Find a cool vector pattern and open in Adobe Illustrator. Copy the pattern over to InDesign and place into your banner graphic. Change Opacity to very light - 10-20% for more subtle look).

  5. With your Type layer active, create a text frame with your Type Tool that will be the main headline on your card. Happy Mother's Day works just fine, but if you have something even more personal, go ahead and use that. Just keep it short enough to increase the point size to anywhere from 24-32.

  6. Create another text frame and place under your main headline. This is where you will put your poem or message to mom. Try to keep this to 12-14 point size.

When you are finished and ready to send to a printer, go to File > Export. You will select PDF (Print). This is the file the print shop will need when placing your order.

That's it! You're finished.

Now, you get to enjoy seeing the smile on mom's face when she opens the card you created on May 12 — Mother's Day!

Image: Josh Willink/Pexels

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