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Enhance Your Adobe InDesign Layouts with Digital Publishing

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Whether you are creating an electronic book, magazine or slide presentation, designers have the ability to enhance layouts by using the Digital Publishing workspace in Adobe InDesign.

In this tutorial, I highlight the steps on how to add simple animations to a cover page of a project.

Before you get started, the first step is changing your InDesign workspace from the default Essentials to Digital Publishing. This can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the control panel.

For this tutorial, I will focus on adding an animation from the presets available in InDesign and timing multiple animations together to make it even more seamless.


Adding an Animation

  1. Open the Animation panel

  2. With your Selection Tool, click on the main image on your layout and in the Animation panel, choose a Preset. In this case, I am using Fly in From Bottom.

  3. Select the duration of your animation. As a default, it is set to one second.

  4. Set the amount of times you'd like it to play or check the loop option if you want it to repeat.

  5. Preview your progress by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner of animation window.

When you have two animations, unless you link them to play together, they will play separately.

Here are steps on timing animations:

Timing Animations

  1. Open the Timing panel

  2. You will notice your animations listed in the field below. Click on one and hold down Command (Mac) or Control (PC) and select the others.

  3. With your animations highlighted, click on the Play Together option. There is an icon with a play button and link that is displayed in the right bottom hand corner of the Timing window.


When you're finished linked animations together and everything is just right, now you are able to publish your work online.

Also in the control bar, there is a Publish Online button, which allows you to post your work on an Adobe-hosted site. From here, you can share the presentation to social media channels or embed the code to play on your own website.

This is a great way of enhancing still objects on layouts and injecting a little more life with the Digital Publishing workspace.


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