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How Do You Manage Your Time?

Our time is valuable and really, it's one of the few things we can control on a daily basis.

When I hear people say "I don't have time," the first question I ask is, are you actually managing it properly?

When tasked with multiple projects and tight deadlines, it's important to make sure you're using every minute — and every second — productively. We all have the same amount of time in a single day, but it's how we use it that counts.

The past couple of months have been the busiest for me, so managing my time properly is crucial in order to successfully execute.

For graphic designers specifically, having an efficient workflow is one of the most important ways of managing time and meeting deadlines.

Here are a few tips I use to help manage time:

Don't Overthink It

Often times young designers tend to overthink the process. Trying too many things can over-complicate a project which essentially results in more time consumption and revisions. Whether you're working on an editorial design or creating a logo, have a plan before jumping into the project and this will save you time in the end. This could be something as simple as sketching out your ideas on paper before moving on to the software stage.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

It is extremely difficult to memorize every keyboard shortcut for Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, but the more you store away in your brain, the faster your workflow will be. You would be surprised how much time you're adding to each project by manually going to every drop down rather than using keyboard shortcuts. Here are links to Mac and PC keyboard shortcuts:

Prioritize Projects

Whether you're a freelancers or an in-house designer, it's important to weigh which projects to focus on first rather than jumping back and forth to different tasks. Set time blocks dedicated one specific projects before moving on to the next. It can be difficult to focus on one project, especially if you suddenly have an idea for another one. However, avoiding multi-tasking can save hours to your day.

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