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Learn how to create a minimalist business card design with QR code in Adobe InDesign

Follow along in this tutorial and learn how to create a simple business card design with a QR code that will be set up to scan contact information on a mobile device – all using Adobe InDesign!

Quick Response Codes – or QR for short – are nothing new to InDesign. The generator has been built into InDesign for a few years now, but they have many useful purposes, especially in the world we live in today.

As always, you can find the InDesign file and tutorial assets available for download here so you can practice.

First, let's create the business card document.

Creating the Document

  • Go to File > New > Document or simply click New Document

  • Click the Print tab

  • Choose View All Presets+

  • Near the bottom of the default presets, you will find the Business Card size, which is 3.5 inches x 2 inches.

  • The Orientation is personal preference, but for this tutorial, we'll work on Landscape.

  • Uncheck Facing Pages and set the Margins to 0.25 inches.

  • Click OK

Follow along in the video tutorial to learn how to design the business card. The next step will be adding the QR code. Here's how:

Adding a QR Code

  • Click on Object > Generate QR Code

  • In the Type dropdown, choose Business Card. If your intent is for a different action, you can choose one of the other options.

  • Fill the fields with the information you would like the user to see and save once the QR code is scanned.

  • Click the Color tab and choose the color you would like the QR code to be. The most standard is black, however if you have a brand color in mind, you can choose that.

  • Click OK

  • With the QR code loaded in your cursor, either drag the size you would like or simply click anywhere on an empty space on the page or pasteboard to drop the code into the layout.

Here's a look at

You can test out the QR code by opening your camera app on your mobile device and pointing to the code. If changes to be made, don't fret!

You can right-click the code on your page and choose Edit QR Code. This will bring up the same window where you can edit the details in the contact fields or URL if you choose a website address.

The codes don't expire and can be editable at any time. They can even be copy and pasted into other Adobe apps such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

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