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Learn How to Create Interactive Captions in Adobe InDesign

Creating a responsive interactive e-publication layout in #Adobe InDesign can attract more viewers to your digital content.

A photo gallery becomes much more engaging for users when interactivity is involved, such as clicking on a button to trigger more information or caption.

In this tutorial, learn how to create an interactive caption experience, which will allow the user to click on an icon to trigger information tied to the specific image. Topics covered include using the Buttons and Forms panel as well as utilizing the Object States.

Let's get started!

Creating Interactive Captions

  1. Select all icons you intend to turn into buttons. Once all selected, go to Buttons and Forms and click on Convert to Button icon in the bottom right hand corner of the panel.

  2. Select all your captions and open the Object States panel. Convert your selected captions into states, which will be linked and triggered to the button icons.

  3. Rename your buttons and states so they will be easy to link together.

  4. Click on your first button icon and in the Buttons and Forms panel, add an action that will Go To State.

  5. In the State dropdown selection, choose the corresponding state that will appear once triggered.

  6. Repeat the same process for all button icons in your project.

  7. Click on any caption with your Selection Tool, navigate to the Object States panel in the options (right-hand corner of window) choose Hidden Until Triggered.

You can preview your work on the fly by clicking the Preview Spread button in the bottom right hand corner of any of the Digital Publishing panels.

To view your work in a web browser, click on the Publish Online option in InDesign. The project will be published on an Adobe-hosted micro-site with shareable links for social media or web use.

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