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Learn how to work with Style Packs in Adobe InDesign

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Adobe InDesign’s Auto Style feature is a great way to automatically format text and in this tutorial, you will learn how.

Follow along and learn how to create a Style Pack, which consists of a group of Paragraph Styles that can be easily applied with just one click. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Style will read the text in the frame and apply the Style Pack accordingly.

In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to customize and edit an existing Style Pack and apply it to a social media post for Facebook.

To download the social media template and assets for this tutorial, click the link below.

Style Packs Folder
Download ZIP • 2.13MB

Style Packs

  • To open the Style Pack window, make your way up to Window > Styles > Style Packs.

  • This is where you can choose from an existing Style Pack by simply clicking on the arrow/cloud icon. This will download the font used in the pack, as well as save the Swatch colours included.

  • For this tutorial, let's download the Style Pack called "Avenue".

  • Open the Paragraph Styles window, by also going to Window > Styles > Paragraph Styles. You will see the Avenue group located here.

  • Right-click the group and choose "Duplicate Style Group".

  • Click on the copy once, and re-name it to "Facebook Ad" or something of your choice.

Great! Now that you have set up the Style Pack, let's bring in the text – also provided in the lesson files – called Ad Copy.

Place Copy

  • Click on the placeholder text frame on the page and go to File > Place.

  • Choose the text file provided called "Ad Copy" and click Open.

Once you have the copy placed in the text frame, go back to the Paragraph Styles and click the Play icon next to the "Facebook Ad" Style Pack. This will replicate the original Style Pack, but let's customize it to be our own.

Firstly, place your cursor in the title, "American Data and AI Summit" and click on the Heading style in the group.

Next, place your cursor in the subhead, "March 25, 2023 • 9AM to 11PM...." and click on the Subhead style in the group.

You can leave the paragraph style applied to the paragraph details.

Follow along in the video tutorial to view the text format settings as well as learn how to apply a border rule to text.

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